Tré Cool
Born: December 9th, 197

Selected Discography
Year Title Artist
2004 American Idiot Green Day
1994 Dookie Green Day
2001 International Superhits! Green Day
2005 Bullet In A Bible Green Day
1997 Nimrod Green Day
2000 Warning Green Day
1995 Insomniac Green Day
1992 Kerplunk Green Day
2002 Shenanigans Green Day
1998 Foot in Mouth Green Day

Selected DVDs
Year Title Artist
2001 International Supervideos! Green Day
2005 Live 8 Various Artists
2003 Riding in Vans With Boys Various Artists
2006 Dookie Green Day
2007 In Performance Green Day
2005 Critical Review: American Idiot Green Day
2005 Bullet In A Bible Green Day

Selected Books
Year Title
2006 Green Day 2007 Calendar
2005 The Story of Green Day
2002 International Superhits!: Authentic Guitar-Tab Edition: Includes Complete Solos
2006 Nobody Likes You: Inside the Turbulent Life, Times, and Music of Green Day

Tré Cool's Drum Equipment:

Buy Ludwig Drums
Classic Maple
1. 6.5"x14" Black Beauty Brass Super Sensitive
2. 11"x14" Tom
3. 16"x16" Tom
4. 16"x18" Tom
5. 18"x22" Bass Drum

Buy Zildjian Cymbals & Sticks
A. 14" K/Z Special Hi-Hats (K Hi-Hat on top, Z Dyno Beat on bottom
B. 19" K Dark Medium Thin Crash
C. 19" A Medium Thin Crash
D. 22" A Ping Ride
E. 20" K Crash/Ride
F. 20" Oriental Classic China
Tré Cool Artist Series Sticks


Buy DW Drums & Hardware

Buy Remo Drumheads

Snare: Coated Emperor X on top with Ambassador Snare Side Hazy on bottom, Toms: Coated Emperors on top with clear Ambassadors on bottom, Bass: Powerstroke 3 w/ Falam Slam Pad on back, Ebony Powerstroke 3 w/ logo on front.


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