Terry Bozzio
Born: December 27th, 19

Selected Discography
Year Title Artist
2006 Trance-Fusion Frank Zappa
1990 Robbie Robertson Robbie Robertson
1987 The Best of Missing Persons Missing Persons
1979 Danger Money UK
1981 Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar Frank Zappa
1978 Zappa in New York Frank Zappa
1989 Guitar Shop Jeff Beck
1979 Night After Night UK
1997 Black Light Syndrome Bozzio, Levin, Stevens
1979 Sheik Yerbouti Frank Zappa
2005 Prime Cuts Terry Bozzio
2000 Situation Dangerous Bozzio, Levin, Stevens
1976 Zoot Allures Frank Zappa
1982 Spring Session M Missing Persons
2000 Group 87 Group 87
1999 Heavy Metal Be-Bop Brecker Brothers
2006 (Sic) Alex Machacek
2002 Nine Short Films Bozzio/ Sheehan
1999 The Lonely Bears Lonely Bears
2005 Chamber Works Terry Bozzio
1984 Rhyme & Reason Missing Persons
1994 Polytown Polytown
2003 Solo Drum Music, Vol. 1 Terry Bozzio

Selected DVDs
Year Title Artist
1977 Baby Snakes Frank Zappa
2006 OUTtrio Bozzio, Machacek, O'Hearn
2005 The Drum Pad's 20th Anniversary Show Various Artists
2005 D2: Duets Volume Two Bozzio & Chad Wackerman
1988 Solo Drums Terry Bozzio
2001 Solos & Duets Bozzio & Chad Wackerman
2002 Drum Tips - Double Bass/Funky Various Artists

Selected Books
Year Title
1992 Lessons from the Greats
2003 Electric Don Quixote: The Story of Frank Zappa
2005 Zappa: A Biography
2006 The Drummer: 100 Years of Rhythmic Power and Invention

Terry Bozzio's Drum Equipment:

Buy DW Drums & Hardware
Candy Black Fade Lacquer over Mapa Burl Exotic Finish with Satin Chrome Hardware
1. 5.5"x12" Solid Maple Snare
2. 5"x8" Tom
3. 5"x10" Tom (x5)
4. 7"x10" Tom
5. 6"x12" Tom (x2)
6. 8"x12" Tom
7. 9"x13" Tom
8. 11"x14" Tom
9. 2"x8" Piccolo Tom (x14)
10. 12"x20" Bass Drum
11. 16"x18" Bass Drum
12. 16"x20" Bass Drum (x2)
13. 14"x24" Bass Drum
14. 14"x16" Bass Drum
15. 9000 Single Bass Drum Pedal (x2)
16. 5002L Remote Bass Drum Pedal (x2)
17. 5002R Remote Bass Drum Pedal (x2)
18. 9500 Hi-Hat with custom linkage (x5)
DW Rack Component Bars, Clamps, Arms and Memory Locks

Buy Sabian Cymbals
A. 8" Hats
B. 6" Hats
C. 10" Chinese over 16" Crash
D. 10"Chinese over 18" Crash
E. 14" Chinese over 18" Chinese (as Hi-Hat)
F. 12" Crash over 14" Chinese
G. 14" Crash over 16" Chinese
H. 13" Hats
I. 16" Crash over 18" Chinese
J. 18" Crash over 20" Chinese
K. 20" Ride
L. 12" Chinese over 20" Chinese
M. 16" Chinese over 20" Chinese
N. 14" Chinese over 22" Chinese
O. 28" Gong
P. 26" Chinese
Q. Cup Chime (x5)


Buy Attack Drumheads
Toms: Medium Clear
Toms: Medium Coated
Snare: Medium Snare Sides (bottom)
Snare: Medium Coated Bottom Dot
Snare: Medium Coated Top Dot
Bass: Medium Clear
Bass: Medium Coated
Bass: No Overtone Clear
Bass: No Overtone Coated
Bass: Black Thin Skin

Buy Vic Firth Sticks & Brushes
Terry Bozzio Signature Stick (STB1)

Buy Factory Metal Percussion


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