Steve Gadd
Born: April 9th, 1945

Influences: Buddy Rich, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams



Selected Discography
Year Title Artist
1994 Together Forever Steve Gadd/ Chuck Mangione
1991 The Gadd Gang Gadd Gang
1984 Gadd About Steve Gadd
2007 Feeling Good Joe Sample & Randy Crawford
2006 Surprise Paul Simon
1977 Aja Steely Dan
2002 October Road James Taylor
1979 Rickie Lee Jones Rickie Lee Jones
1975 Concierto Jim Hall
1977 Celebrate Me Home Kenny Loggins
1981 Pirates Rickie Lee Jones
2006 The Ultimate Adventure Chick Corea
1994 Burning for Buddy, Vol. 1 Great Drummers
2004 Still Crazy After All These Years Paul Simon
1976 Elegant Gypsy Al Di Meola
2005 Back Home Eric Clapton
1982 Tour de Force: Live Al Di Meola
1974 One Bob James
1975 Journey to Love Stanley Clarke
2001 One More Car, One More Rider Eric Clapton
2002 Bad Benson George Benson
1978 Heart to Heart David Sanborn
1996 The Right Stuff Stuff
1980 Smokin' in the Pit Steps Ahead
1975 The Leprechaun Chick Corea
1980 One-Trick Pony Paul Simon
1978 Finger Paintings Earl Klugh
1990 Master Plan Dave Weckl
2003 Time Again David Sanborn
1976 Primal Scream Maynard Ferguson
1979 Spy Carly Simon
1994 Tenderness Al Jarreau
1977 Livin' Inside Your Love George Benson
2000 You're the One Paul Simon
1981 Three Quartets Chick Corea
1984 Manhattan Jazz Quintet Manhattan Jazz Quintet
1978 Friends Chick Corea
1998 For the Children of Liberia Pavarotti & Friends
1976 Stuff Stuff
2000 Rare Collection Jaco Pastorius
1996 Return of the Seventh Galaxy Chick Corea
2006 Drum Duets Vol. 1 John Wackerman
1999 Trio in Tokyo Michel Petrucciani

Selected DVDs
Year Title Artist
1985 In Session Steve Gadd
1983 Up Close Steve Gadd
1980 One Trick Pony (VHS) Paul Simon
2006 Musicares Person of the Year Tribute to James Taylor James Taylor
1982 The Concert in Central Park Simon & Garfunkel
2001 Live in Hyde Park Eric Clapton
2002 October Road James Taylor
2001 One More Car, One More Rider Eric Clapton
2004 Sessions for Robert J. Eric Clapton
2005 Legends - Live at Montreux Clapton, Gadd, Miller, Sample & Sanborn
2006 Buddy Rich: Memorial Scholarship Concerts Gadd, Colaiuta, Peart, Chambers, Weckl, S. Smith
2002 Drummers Collective 25th Aniversary Celebration & Bass Day 2002 Gadd, Weckl, S. Smith & Others
2005 Rendezvous in New York Chick Corea
1988 Roots/Gadd Gang Gadd Gang
2004 American Drummers Achievement Awards Honoring Steve Gadd Gadd, Colaiuta, Marotta
1997 Modern Drummer Festival 3 (VHS) Steve Gadd & Giovanni Hidalgo
1980 Live at the Tower Theatre Paul Simon
1994 An Evening with Kimiko Itoh Kimiko Itoh

Selected Books
Year Title Author
1994 Up Close Steve Gadd
2007 Steely Dan's Aja (33 1/3) Dan Breithaupt
2003 Rudiment Grooves for Drum Set Rick Considine
1994 Afro-Cuban Rhythms for Drumset Frank Malabe & Bob Weiner
2000 Jazz-Rock Fusion: The People, the Music Julie Coryell & Laura Friedman

More CDs
Year Title Artist
1975 New York Connection Tom Scott
1978 The Captain's Journey Lee Ritenour
1971 White Elephant Mike Mainieri
1998 Planet Gap: Big Band Gap Mangione
1997 Tribute to Jeff Porcaro David Garfield & Friends

Steve Gadd's Drum Equipment:

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3. 8"x12" Tom
4. 12"x14" Floor Tom
5. 14"x16" Floor Tom
6. 14"x22" Bass Drum (Maple Custom)
Yamaha Hardware including DFP-9310 Double Pedal

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